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"A few days ago I woke up with a terrible earache, I took some medicine and the pain didn't go away, then I listened to our apostle's divine healing audio all morning, I fell asleep in the afternoon, and when I woke up, there was no more pain."


"Your husband has diabetes and his diabetes levels were high. For a few days your husband went to the doctor and his diabetes levels are no longer high and God is working on his health and he eats everything and feels very well."


"A sign appeared on her face. When she was watching Just Believe and the Apostle asked people with illnesses to put their hands on the screen, she believed and was healed from the sign."


"I had symptoms of Covid, the first test was positive, I called SOS, the Apostle prayed, I did the test again and to the honor of Jesus it was negative."


The last prayer I asked of our Apostle was for a little girl who was born, had some complications and was on the verge of death. I said that this girl would live in the name of Jesus, Satan came out of her, it was a great miracle because she lived, she is beautiful and healthy. Glory be to God.


"I've always been terrified of going to the dentist. I was terrified. However, I urgently needed to have a tooth extracted. So I decided to send my prayer request to the Just Believe program to ask for everything to work out and the apostle prayed for that prayer request and the next day I went to the dentist and I was calm and felt absolutely no pain."

God is at work today, tomorrow and always.

In this space you can send your testimony, NO ID is REQUIRED.
The testimony is to tell other people about the good things God has done in your life and thus magnify God’s name on this earth.

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